COVID-19 Sanitation Checklists & Safety Logs


As restaurants across the country begin opening their doors to in dining patrons, new procedures are required to stay in compliance. One of these new procedures requires some states to gather the names and contact information of every patron entering their facility and to store this information for a set number of days. Otherwise known as contact tracing, this information is used to contact customers who may have been exposed to COVID-19 positive individuals.

The State of Washington mandates that customer information is kept for 30 days. Click here to see a list of regulations by state.

To help restaurants gather and store this information, Gleason Technology has constructed a digital inspection template for restaurants to use at no cost. This function serves as a part of their RiskLimiter Inspection Suite that also offers solutions pertaining to Food Safety, Risk Management, Loss Prevention, and Cooling/Cooking Log Automation.

3 Month Free Trial:

We are offering our digital inspection platform at no cost to help the foodservice industry convert COVID – 19 sanitation checklists, safety checklists, and any other sanitation inspection to our digital platform. Our goal is to aid in the reopening of the foodservice industry and stop the spread of COVID-19 by offering our digital checklist platform to increase completion rates and transparency for any type of inspection. No form of payment is required to participate; we are simply aiding the industries we serve through this difficult time.

Foodservice venues, such as grocery stores, restaurants, and hospitality can take advantage of a templated safety checklist inspection influenced by industry experts and common practices to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Current RiskLimiter users can convert any existing COVID-19 sanitation checklist & cleanliness inspection at no additional cost to their current subscription.

How It Works:

  • Send us an email with your contact information:
  • If you already have prepared COVID – 19 sanitation checklists or safety checklists (up to 2 inspections) forward them along in your email.
  • If you do not have prepared paper logs, our account managers will work with you to customize your inspection(s) which will include our templated inspections and CDC recommendations.
  • Once we receive your email with contact information, an account manager will reach out to you to begin the setup process.
  • Online training is provided at no additional cost.
  • Upon the completion of the trial period, your account manager will reach out to review annual subscription prices for you to continue and expand your use of RiskLimiter.  Should you decide to discontinue the use of the RiskLimiter application, there will be absolutely No Cost!

About RiskLimiter

The RiskLimiter Inspection Suite is a digital platform for any type of inspection. While our primary functions are focused on food safety & risk management in the food retail space, our solutions can be tailored for countless varieties of inspection processes.

With our software development team located in Pittsburgh, PA and headquarters close by in Johnstown, PA, we lead our clients through the entire onboarding process with our bilingual customer support & training departments, which currently supports more than 2,500 retail locations worldwide. Our network includes foodservice & long term care facilities such as Whole Foods Market, Presbyterian Senior Living, Eat’n Park, Shoprite Supermarkets, Veggie Grill, and Northgate Markets. 

Our onboarding services include in-person training at each location, as well as corporate risk & safety personnel. Following in-person training is diligent observation of completion rates & inspection statistics to ensure all locations & team members have the tools necessary to fully optimize our inspection software. 

Want to read more on RiskLimiter and how we help the foodservice industry? Follow these links to to learn more about Kitchen and Food Safety!